The SGP Package is open source software built for the R software environment. The classes, functions and data within the SGP package are used to calculate student growth percentiles and percentile growth projections/trajectories using large scale, longitudinal assessment data. Quantile regression is used to estimate the conditional density associated with each student's achievement history. Percentile growth projections/trajectories are calculated using the derived coefficient matrices and show the percentile growth needed to reach future achievement targets.



To install the latest stable release of SGP from CRAN

> install.packages("SGP")

From Github

To install the development release of SGP from GitHub:

> devtools::install_github("CenterForAssessment/SGP")


The SGP Package is crafted with ❤️ by:

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Betebenner, D. W., VanIwaarden, A., Domingue, B., and Shang, Y. (2023). SGP: Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth Trajectories.

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